Aug 7, 2012

the future of venom

Bunn on Venom
Earlier today we got closure on Remender's run on Venom, now we get the future of Venom under Bunn.  Cullen Bunn discusses Venom's role in Marvel NOW (as well as his other books) and shares some preview art:
My next question is about Venom and his role in the upcoming "Minimum Carnage" Crossover. The Venom and Carnage symbiotes have a bit of a hate-hate relationship for each other. How can Flash control the keep the Symbiote in check without it getting completely out of control?That's something Flash will be struggling with throughout "Minimum Carnage" and the rest of my run on the series. Right now, the Venom symbiote has been "neutered" by the Secret Avengers. That keeps it in check and gives Flash a great deal of control, but it also means Flash can't rely on some of Venom's more -- lethal characteristics, even if he needs them. 
Venom's got an upcoming fight with Daimon Hellstrom. How is he going to fight a guy that has the ability to summon Hellfire given the Symbiote's weakness for anything fire related?Great question. The answer to that reveals something new about Agent Venom. When Venom and Hellstrom lock horns, we're going to discover something really sinister brewing behind the scenes. When Hellstrom "went bad" in "Fear Itself: The Fearless," there were a lot of questions about why he would turn on his allies. We're going to delve into that a bit -- and we'll learn that Venom is at least partially responsible. 
Will Venom be a part of Marvel NOW! or play a role in the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" #700? I have a big plan for Venom, and the book will be continuing. There are some significant changes coming Venom's way. A change in supporting cast, a change in attitude, a change in destiny and a change in -- I've said too much already. Suffice it to say, I'm shaking things up a little for Flash. While he will not be playing a role in "Spider-Man" #700, Venom's story will have some significant ramifications on the Marvel Universe as a whole -- and I think you'll be seeing him running into the wall-crawler again soon. 
"Spider-Man: Season 1" and "Venom" are books you dabbled in recently, so any plans to have any of these characters swing over into your Wolvie tales? I think there's a very good chance Wolverine and Venom will meet up -- if not in "Wolverine," then in "Venom." I think those two would make for an interesting team.
I really enjoyed your work on "Fear Itself: The Fearless." It was a fantastic example of a Marvel super-woman at work. Do you have any follow up plans for Valkyrie or Sin? Thank you! That series started a number of gears turning. I definitely have plans for Valkyrie, Sin and the D.O.A. There are a few different angles through which I'm approaching these characters. We'll see what happens, but if nothing else, Valkyrie will be showing up as a supporting character in Venom from time to time. The D.O.A. resurface in my very first arc of "Venom," and their antics will be a constant thorn in Venom's side. Surely, it can't be long before Flash finds himself running afoul of a skull-faced mercenary with a very bad attitude.

Are you excited for Bunn's run to begin next month?