Aug 7, 2012

more venom 22 previews

Remender's Final Issue
Comic Book Resources has a great interview with Rick Remender remanicing about his time on Venom.  I won't post the entire article, but I do encourage you to read it.  One thing I do like about Remender is that he was always invested in the character.  He took his time to not only reinvent Venom, but also keep parts of the character's past in tact.  While I will miss him, I am pleased that he is still writing Venom stories in Secret Avengers:
Remender said. "He's still on the team, so I've still got a few more big Venom stories left to tell because of it. He's going to play a big role in our upcoming stories."
Along with the interview, we also get some more preview art of issue 22:

 What did you think of Remender's run on Venom?