Aug 9, 2012

REVIEW: venom 15 - 22

Along with the conclusion of the Savage Six story line comes the end of Rick Remender's run as author of Venom.  With the huge build up, was this arc worth all of the hype?
Even though not officially part of The Savage Six, I am including issues 15 & 16 in my review since they heavily impact the arc.

The Story: Crime Master forms a team of rouge villains to help him take down Venom.  Once The Savage Six (Crime Master, Jack O'Lantern, The Human Fly, Death Adder, Megatak, and Toxin) attacks Flash's loved ones, he vows to take them down.

The Good: The Savage Six - While I appreciate Remender bringing back these D-List villains to create a Venom rouge gallery, I especially fell in love with The Human Fly and Jack O'Lantern.  I think Human Fly stole the show whenever he was featured - whether it was on the train tricking Venom with a fake letter, terrorizing Flash's mother, or being brutally beat by Venom.  Likewise, Jack's constant screwing with Flash's head and threatening everyone close to him made for stakes feel real.  Toxin - I know I might get slack on this one, but I actually liked Toxin and Eddie Brock.  We get the return the Toxin symbiote, who's main target is Venom - he actually kills Megatak to get to him.  By the end, we realize that Brock is never in control and that the look and the speech is that of a young adolescent symbiote.  Meanwhile, Brock is forced to bond with the symbiote against his will (like when he became Venom) and can now use the symbiote to seek revenge on the one who ruined him, Flash (similar to his revenge fueled hate for Spider-Man way back when).  I think this series created a great new reboot for both Toxin and Brock.

The Bad: Crime Master Identity - Was anyone really stunned by this revelation?  Why did Crime Master have an issue with Flash in the first place?  Because he was with his sister?  Not knowing anything about Flash or Betty before this series started, I didn't really care about these characters and their past.  I would of preferred Remender to of actually created a character to put behind the mask.  Issue 22 - Now this issue isn't exactly bad, it just isn't as good as the others.  The style (with the constant flash backs) and the art (completely different style than the previous issues) just didn't sit well with me.

The Overall - 4 outta 5.  There were definitely individual books that I would have given a 5 to as soon as I finished reading them; however as a complete series there are some faults.  While I enjoyed Remender's run, I think I am ready for something new.  If I have to trade Flash's tragic past during Remender's writing for the supernatural elements hinted by the next writer Cullen Bunn, well then I welcome it!