May 18, 2012

tvs update

Greetings TVS community!  I don't really like doing thing, but I am going to go off topic here.  As our little family of symbiote fanatics continues to grow, I would like to use this post to remind people of some old and new features on the site.
However, I would like to start by thanking all of you (the old and the new members). I started this site four years ago (September is officially the 4th birthday of as a side project for myself - I hated not being able to find accurate information about Venom.  Now, that little project has turned into a site that generates 300-350 unique visitors a day, 100 Facebook Likes, 56 Twitter Followers, and 100+ Reddit Subscribers.  It may not seem like a lot, but considering I doesn't actually produce any original content (this post excluded), doesn't get updated daily, and TVS is mainly a discussion site for a Spider-Man villain, I don't think those numbers are too shabby!
Some of the items that I've implemented over the last four years include: the 'Art Page' - A place where you can upload and view your favorite symbiote pictures, 'TheVenomStore' - A link to symbiote products you can buy from Amazon, and the 'Reddit Forums' - A subreddit dedicated to symbiotes.  You can upload pictures, videos, and text that you want to share with other Venom fans.
A couple of newer items are the 'Chat' - a nifty little chat window embedded on the right side of the site (I would like to setup a schedule of chat times are a little more organized in the future), and the 'Wiki' - A one stop shop to everything symbiote related.  This is the one where you can really help out other Venom fans.  While I've spent quite a large amount of time setting some of these pages up, a wiki is truly a group activity, any bit of information you can contribute would help.
All of these features came about either from community members or me seeing them on other blogs.  So what else would you guys and gals like to see?  How can I make this site better?  What should I do differently?  Remember, there are no ads on this site for a reason; I'm not looking to make money, I just want to have a small piece of the Internet where Venom fans can interact.  I'm out there trying to unite the Venom fans of the world, so if you have any suggestions leave a comment, shoot me an email, send me a tweet, post it on Facebook, hit me up on GetGlue, or PM me on Reddit.  I've got time to work on updates considering the next issue of Venom is over a month away! (Issue 19 goes on sale June 20th)

Once again, thank you for checking out TVS!