May 31, 2012

remender and bunn talk savage six

Savage Six and Venom 19
Hey look at this!  TVS has not been abandoned; there is finally some Venom news to report!  After what is seeming like an eternity between issue 18 and issue 19, we finally get some news (and art) about what to expect from our favorite symbiote.  Writers Rick Remender and Cullen Bunn sat down with CBR and discussed the Savage Six arc.  While there isn't really any new info (and no cover for issue 19), we do get a couple of page previews as well as a paragraph dedicated to Mr. Brock (the more they talk about him, the more I think he is going to become a major player again):
"I think it's interesting that everyone assumes Eddie is wrong or being crazy in his crusade against the symbiotes," Remender said. "Who knows the symbiotes better than Eddie Brock though? If he's going out and killing them because he's afraid that something is happening perhaps somebody should listen to him." "Eddie is an interesting character. He's played the role of villain, the role of hero/anti-hero and what's most interesting about him is that I think his motivations are suspect," Bunn added. "He's gone through the transformation of being Venom, getting rid of the symbiote, and then becoming Anti-Venom. What we're examining here, though, is what Eddie really thinks about the symbiotes and Venom, and what he really wants. In some ways I don't think Eddie has really ever known what he wants. I think in creating this holy war against the symbiotes he might be lashing out and dealing with some of the abandonment issues he feels after being separated from the Venom and Anti-Venom suits."

We have been spoiled with the art as of late in Venom - it has been simply amazing!
Venom 19 is on sale June 20th.