Jan 22, 2012

venom 15 and 16 advance preview

Venom 15 AND 16 in April

Earlier today I posted an advance preview of April's Carnage USA 5 courtesy of Midtown Comics.  Well it seems as though they have all of Marvel's previews (although the covers are only thumbnails).  It looks like we get a double dose of Venom in April with issues 15 and 16.  Not sure what cover it is, but here is a glimpse at a cover and the descriptions of both issues:

Venom 15: After Staring Down The Apocalypse, Venom Joins The Secret Avengers - But What's Left Of Flash Thompson To Join The Team?! • Meanwhile, It Had To Happen - Eddie Brock Comes Gunning For Symbiotes! • Series Regulars Rick Remender And Lan Medina Return For A Bold New Day In The Life Of Venom!"

Venom 16: A Routine Prisoner Transfer Of The Fly Thrusts Venom Into One Of The Most Dire Conflicts Of His Young Super Career! • One Fatal Act Will Change Venom's Life Forever - And Lead To Savage Consequences In The Months To Come!

As always I will post all of Venom's April appearances when the official solicitations are released.

[Thanks to Bizarnage for the tip]