Jan 22, 2012

carnage usa 5 advance preview

Carnage USA 5 From Midtown Comics
The coolest thing about running this website is all of the 'friends' I now have that keep me (and therefore you) updated with anything symbiote related!  Take for instance Midtown Comics Preview of Carnage USA #5:

Description: It's 'America The Brutal' As The Massive Hit Mini-Series Concludes… Paving The Way For This Summer's Secret Symbiote Event! • Spidey, Venom And The Avengers Take On Carnage With A City At Stake And The Souls Of Hundreds On Their Shoulders."

That simple description of this single book has me grinning from ear to ear!  Secret Symbiote Event?  Venom takes on Carnage?  This summer is going to rock so hard!  I'm guessing Marvel will release this in the next week, so we will have a larger pic of the cover then.  As someone who loves Carnage USA thus far, I'm hoping the summer event also includes another Wells/Crain mini series.

[Thanks to Phantom Venom for the tip]