Jan 21, 2012

REVIEW: venom 10 - 12

Between the events of Spider-Island and the upcoming Circle of Four event, we find our favorite symbiote taking a road trip with the arch nemesis he met in issue #1, Jack O'Lantern.  So how did Road Trip stack up to the previous issues of Venom?

The Story: Crime Master blackmails Flash and sends him to Las Vegas to get him the Toxin symbiote.  So Venom goes AWOL and sets off with Jack O'Lantern on a road trip.

The Good:  The Fights - Venom has two epic battles in this arc, the first against Captain America in issue #10.  The second fight comes in issue #12 when we see Flash Venom-Out and go crazy all over Jack.  Flash - His world is in complete shambles after this arc.  He buries his dad, goes AWOL, loses Betty, starts drinking again; the symbiote is the only good thing in his life now.  Who else got chills when asked if he has had hard times, Flash responds "We're getting used to it."

The Bad:  Brock and Toxin - It's not the fact that they were in the arc, but at how little they were used.  Brock gets a couple panels and Toxin is only shown as a pile of goo.  While it might be setting the stage for things to come, I would of liked a full blown issue featuring 'Symbiote Hunter Brock' and Toxin with an actual host.  Speaking of Toxin, we also deserve an explanation down the road of what happened to Pat and how Toxin got to Las Vegas in the first place.  Jack O'Lantern - I'm just sick of this guy.  Issue #11 (the Jack centered issue) was by far my least favorite of the series.  I know each hero needs a worthy advisory  but Jack is more of a sick psychopath than a worthy opponent.  My only hope is that Remender takes the next couple months (or even year) from including Jack in this series.

The Overall: 4 outta 5.  This series has been building since the very first issue.  Flash finally not only wants the symbiote, but now he needs it.  It is all he has left and doing anything to keep it will make for some great stories this year!


  1. I think remender should just kill jack off, i honestly dont see how jack is any more interesting than the hijacker.

  2. We already found an explantion go to midtown comics and check out the early released solicits, Carnage #5 has something you will probly want to see. Also my prediction about what is coming was confirmed by it. I was already sure when I saw Hybrid and Toxin.

  3. Not really a full explanation, but by the time it happens things will probly make sense.

  4. I'm thinking Marvel thinks symbiote fans have a different definition for "symbiotes."
    "They want Hybrid?! Ok! Here ya go!"
    "That's not Hybrid... it's the symbiotes... not with Scott."
    "You want Toxin?! Ok! Here! He's finally back!"
    "That's the Toxin SYMBIOTE no Pat equals no Toxin!"
    Which applies to my belief of what "Venom" is... which I'm sure all of you are painfully aware of...

  5. Haven't we done this before I'm pretty sure myself and a few others care about the symbiote more than the symbiote being with whoever is considered the proper host.

  6. not saying this for everything since I agree Toxin is better with Pat, while I don't give a rats ass about Hybrid.

  7. Wait are you talking about the Venom symbiote or symbiotes in general? xP

  8. You know the real problem is the whole vagueness of symbiotes. With different definitions, different hosts, different symbiotes, different bonds, different ways the symbiote and host react, people's views, it's alot easier when people are fans of just one person like Peter Parker with no split personality or different suits, but I guess that's where the fun is in being symbiote fans lie.

  9. I love Jack. He's such a magnificent bastard. 

  10. Eddie's lack of presence in these comics did not bother me.  I am confident that his appearances will be bigger and better once his part in the story comes into focus.  Eddie has been with us for a long time, and will continue to be apart of comic stories for a long time (don't screw this up, Marvel).

    My biggest grip (I know I'm beating a dead horse here) is Toxin.  Like most of the other 2nd and 3rd generation symbiotes, he has been left by the wayside, only to reappear as "half" of a character, with no explanation as to where Pat is.  The same goes for Hybrid/Scott Washington, and thus, the "Venom quintuplets".  Speaking of which, what has happened to Donna Diego/Scream? 

    There was some good opportunities for new characters, and while I am delighted to see them again, it's every unsatisfying to see them just come back out of the blue.  I would have been more than willing to buy issue ".1 - .?" of ASM, Venom, or whatever if it explained what happened to these symbiote characters up to this point.

    I just hope that Scorn does not fall prey to the symbiote's "cased aside" curse.  A symbiote character with an affinety for technology/machinery and has weird "mother issues" with it's host?  That is one of the most original symbiote character concepts to date.