Aug 31, 2011

asm 668 discussion

Anti-Venom or Venom?  Choose 1
Typically, I don't have posts for individual issues (maybe I should start though) unless it's a Venom book.  However, Amazing Spider-Man #668 (out today) got me thinking.  So if you haven't read it yet, please be aware of possible spoilers...

After a brief appearance by Anti-Venom we get Madam Web in the panel below:
This is followed by "...This is where your story ends."

This got me thinking, who would I rather see stick around, Eddie Brock or Venom?  The more I thought about it, the more I sided towards Venom.  To me, the symbiote is Venom and Venom is who I fell in love with so many years ago.  AV is a great addition, but he doesn't have the history that Venom does.  What do you guys think - If you can only have a comic with one, Eddie as AV or Flash as Venom?  Sound off in the comments.

Also from this issue:
Steve Wacker (senior editor) responds to reader questions -
"I've learned to love Toxin, too.  Keep checking out Venom every month as well as the new Carnage USA book in January.  I think you'll be happy with our symbiote plans."
"...I can tell you that Flash is about to take a MUCH more prominent role in the Marvel Universe."

So maybe that last quote answers our question of 'whose story ends' after Spider-Island.  Although he did say Flash and not Venom......

[Thanks to Dark Knight for the pic]