Jul 22, 2011

venom 5 preview art

Venom 5 Preview Art
With so little 'new' Venom information on the Interwebs as of late, its nice to finally get something to get us excited - Preview Art!  Below are the first couple pages of next week's Venom #5:
My initial reactions:  The Human Fly - WTF!?  I like the fact that Remender is throwing in obscure people for Venom to fight, but I can't get on board with a villain whose main 'power' is throwing up. 
Venom - when did Venom start using Spidey's webbing? 
Art - I have to admit, I like Fowler's art a lot more in these couple pages than I did in issue 3.
I don't know why, but the cover for this issue is one of my all time favorites!