Jun 28, 2011

remender talks about venom's future

The Future of Venom
I love it when Rick Remender sits down with CBR and discusses Venom!  I also love the fact that he actually has a plan for this character and is not making it up as he goes:
 "I had a few conversations with some people that feel I pulled the trigger too early on some of the big beats with everything going so bad for Flash so quickly. I'm outlined up to about #25 though, and I had a wealth of ideas for this series. For me that stuff was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I wanted to do and it leads into more character-driven stuff in the next arc"
Looking ahead to the future of the series:
Issue 4 "A big part of #4 is that Flash is now trapped inside a rampaging suit of gooey armor that's basically killing the guy who inspired him to become a soldier in the first place," 
Issue 5Spider-Man and Betty Brant will also play large roles in "Venom" #5 which serves as a prelude of sorts to the series' "Spider-Island" tie-in arc. "We have a couple of interesting situations coming up. "Flash's father comes back into his life in a big way with #5 and he's going to be an important part of Flash's story. 
Issue 6In Venom #6, Flash's personal problems start to boil over right as the government drops him into the chaos that is Manhattan during "Spider-Island." "He's one of the only government agents on the scene, but he's working for a very well connected project lead by General Dodge who is in direct contact with people like Reed Richards, so Flash gets a lot of interesting assignments.  
"There are a lot of mutations and things going on and people might not be who they seem to be. So by the end of #6 there is a huge reveal.  
Issue 7The symbiote's past comes back to haunt Flash in "Venom" #7, where he'll be confronted by its former host, Eddie Brock AKA Anti-Venom.
Flash's confrontation with Anti-Venom plays a huge role in the overall story," 
Issue 8"Then that leads off into #8 where we get an even bigger adversary who I can't mention and a team up between Flash and another big A-List Marvel hero who is also somewhat of a hero to him.""After our 'Spider-Island' tie-in arc we have a character arc for Flash that people won't see coming. There will be a lot of speculation by #8 or #9. Fortunately it's all going to be wrong.  
Next Year"There's a really big event coming up next winter that Venom is headlining. We might be seeing him in some other big books too. The event storyline grew very nicely out of something Jason Aaron and I were putting together and Marvel got really excited about it. I can't say anything else about it, but if you're a fan of what we're doing and you like the character, he's not going anywhere. Flash Thomspon's role in the Marvel Universe just gets bigger and bigger in the next year." 
I can hardly contain myself!!