Jun 15, 2011

carnage u.s.a.

Carnage USA
Marvel has just announced the sequel to the Carnage 5 issue mini series - Carnage U.S.A.  
After reading the title of this new mini series, I was a little concerned.  It seemed a little silly to me, but then I read about it:

Zeb Wells (Carnage) is writing (I loved this series thus far).  He really understands the character-
“Editorially there was no mandate for Carnage to be Cletus Kasady when he returned, but for me the Carnage symbiote without Cletus Kasady loses a lot of [appeal],” he explains. “I didn’t want to throw away all the history he had with Spidey and start fresh, so I tried to have my cake and eat it too in the first series by suggesting that Cletus was dead and watching the symbiote destroy someone else’s life before they reunited.”

Clayton Crain (Carnage, Venom vs Carnage) is illustrating - Carnage was MADE for his digital art

We may see other symbiotes show up in the series -
“But it’s soon apparent that even the Avengers’ biggest guns are in over their heads, and it falls to a more specialized group to try and take Kasady down. All symbiotes on deck!”

To top it all off, Marvel ALSO released the first 3 covers (I'm assuming there are more than three issues - I haven't heard of how many issues the series will be) which can be seen below:

The series kicks off this Fall.  Lets just hope the books aren't spaced 2 months apart again!  How do you feel about Kletus/Carnage coming back and America as the backdrop for this story?  I think we are all going to be on a Symbiote Overload this Fall!  Start saving your pennies now....

EDIT - According to CBR, the first issue will be released in December 2011 and the limited series will be 5 issues long.