Jun 15, 2011

asm 664 preview page

Anti-Venom in Amazing Spider-Man 664
Amazing Spider-Man writer, Dan Slott, answered some questions about Spider-Island in an interview with Comic Book Resources and touched upon Anti-Venom's role in ASM 664:

"Amazing Spider-Man" #664, in stores now, is the conclusion to this story. Is it also the conclusion to the mystery of the new Wraith?
You'll have to read issue #664 to find out. I will say this though; there will be status quo changes to both Anti-Venom and Mister Negative before the story is over.

So #664 sets the stage for Mister Negative's role in , as well as Venom's role in "Spider-Island?"
Both Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson, the current Venom, will be part of "Spider-Island." Both characters play huge roles in the story.

Also, the sketch that was released last week, is now a full page preview:
 Amazing Spider-Man 664 comes out next week.