May 13, 2011

spider-island news

Spider-Island News
Blogger went down yesterday and deleted this post.  This is a repost of the information.

On May 12th, Marvel senior editor, Steve Wacker, revealed new artwork and answered questions about the upcoming Spider-Man event: Spider-Island.  Below are Venom related answers:

@nivlik3 (Kelvin Urena): will Spidercide make his return same with Hybird and Toxin
Steve Wacker: If you love those characters, you are a maniac. Seek help. But yes, there are plans. Not necessarily where you expect though. eVENtually they are cOMing.

@alex_mmorales (Alexandre Morales): any dramatic changes to spidey's life? New powers new villains born someone dies?
Steve Wacker: Pretty much all of the above. This is a pretty big story for Spidey with repercussions for him and characters like Venom, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, Shang-Chi and Cloak & Dagger

@Agent_M: Can animals get spider powers? Could there be feral spider-cat colonies?
Steve Wacker: Good question. I'll say this...there's no reason a dog can't get Venom powers. (That's a clue, son. Look, I say, look alive when I'm talkin' at ya!

Out of the three, I really hope Toxin is going to be the one featured in Venom.  Until I checked Wikipedia, I had no idea who Spidercide was and I could care less about Hybrid at this point; he's been gone for so long.
What type of repercussions do you think this event will have on Venom?  And haven't we seen NYC get infected with Venom powers before...

What are you thoughts on Spider-Island?