May 2, 2011

CLASSIC REVIEW: first kill

With all of the discussion about whether or not Flash will permanently bond with the symbiote, I figured I would go back and review the first time Eddie Brock and the symbiote bonded.  Since I did, I also thought I would give a quick review of "First Kill".

The Story: Moments after the symbiote left Spidey and found Eddie in the church, Eddie's friend Ernesto is murdered in is apartment.  With his new 'friend', Eddie goes after the killers.

The Good: Eddie Brock - Eddie jumps into action when he hears that his friend may be in danger; he doesn't realize how the symbiote can help him yet.  Even from this first adventure, Venom is all about helping the innocent.  The Symbiote - Although we only get a glimpse of what the symbiote is feeling (though Eddie's thoughts with it), it is clear that it only wants to help its hosts.  I don't think its relationship with Eddie will ever be topped.

The Bad: Length - I thought this was a great story, but I really wish it would of received its own book instead of a chapter in Spider-Man annuals.

The Overall: 4 outta 5.  It is  a great, classic short Venom story; defiantly worth a reread.
Eddie and the symbiote both agree to permanently bond, so I'm not sure what changed that Flash only has 48 hours before the symbiote forces the bond....