Apr 4, 2011

venom in spider-island

Venom will once again appear in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.  Starting this July, the Spider-Island story arc starts in ASM #666 and Venom will play apart.  Per writer Dan Slott:
This is something big and crazy happens in every issue! Look, I'm going to commit one of the cardinal sins of comic interviews by saying it's fun. Balls-to-the-wall-crawling-wall FUN. We've got surprises, returns and appearances by great characters from all over the Spidey U. I can't wait 'til you get to see what happens! We've got Avengers! FF! Spider-Woman! Shang-Chi! Venom!
By July, Venom should be starting the second story arc so we should have a solid feeling of how Flash is going to handle the symbiote.  Are you ready for some 'balls-to-the-wall-crawling-wall fun'...with Venom?