Apr 3, 2011

brock coming to venom series

Eddie Brock to appear in Venom?
During San Francisco's 2011 WonderCon, Rick Remender attended Saturday's 'Welcome to the X-Men' panel.  One of the questions he handled was whether Eddie Brock would make an appearance in the his new Venom series.  Remender's responds was "Yes, there's a lot of connectivity between 'Venom' and the upcoming Spider-Man stories - the way that we find Eddie will be surprising."  Hmmmm....what could that mean?
The same question was asked in the 'Cup O' Joe' panel.  Remender basically said the same thing by telling the fan, Brock would work his way into the book at some point, but that Flash Thompson would be in the suit and rolling solo for the first arc to establish his persona in the role.  I have to agree that that is the best way to handle this new host.  However, it does look like we will be getting a lot more symbiote cross-overs before the end of summer.
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