Mar 28, 2011

venom 2 preview art pt 2

Venom vs Kraven The Hunter

Marvel has released another colored page of Venom 2.  Okay, lets break this down...
Panel 1: Kraven is riding an insane dinosaur; I'll buy that.  Panel 2: Venom running with spears in his back; the symbiote can 'spit out' bullets, why leave the spears attached?  Panel 3: Venom is hiding; seriously, Flash?  No other Venom would hide from a fight.  Panel 4: Another spear comes out of nowhere; other than the tiny darts still attached to the symbiote, that panel is totally awesome.  Panel 5: Venom is STRUCK with a spear; I highly doubt that spear is traveling faster than the bullets the symbiote has been seen to stop.  How does that happen?  Also, the pupils are goofy.
Am I being too hard on this new series?  I do not mind getting a new host and making more of a Punisher type character, but lets keep this history of Venom intact.  Hopefully, the answer to why the symbiote seems to be unable to help Flash out will be answered.  Despite all of this, I'm still pumped for issue #2!