Mar 30, 2011

comicvine 'off my mind' - battle of the symbiotes

ComicVine's Symbiote Question
I saw this article yesterday and since I don't normally post 'discussions' from other sites, I wasn't going to put it up.  However, its been a slow news week for symbiotes and a couple TVSers sent me the link so I figured I would see what you guys thought.
'G-Man' from ComicVine poses an interesting question, how long before we see an epic symbiote battle?  It can't be all coincidence that within a matter of months we get a new Venom host, Kasady reemerges as Carnage, and Anti-Venom finds his way back into Amazing Spider-Man.  About the only one absent from the party is Toxin and whos to say he doesn't make an appearance before the end of the summer.  Could this be why the Carnage mini series was spaced out over 10 months - to make the ending coincide with the start of a symbiote free-for-all?  Maybe this article got me thinking too much into all of this.  I'm just happy to have an ongoing Venom title, Kasady still as Carnage, and Anti-Venom still in the mix.  What do you guys think?  Should there be a Maximum Carnage 2 or would over exposing the symbiotes again (like the mid 90s) make you lose interest?
Check out the article here and see if you agree with what comicvine members are saying.