Oct 5, 2010

REVIEW: spider-man shattered dimensions

The Story: In an attempt to steal The Tablet of Order and Chaos, Mysterio shatters it and pieces end up in different dimensions and in the hands of super villains. It is up to the Spider-men in those dimensions to obtain the fragments and restore order.

The Good: The Levels - I really enjoyed the mix of the different Spider-Men. Each one had his own 'special' ability; which kept the game from getting stale. I also like that this wasn't a sandbox Spider-Man game. Each level is self contained and has certain objectives. I can't remember the last time I played a Spider-Man title and I wasn't wasting time swinging all around the city searching for a collectible. The Bosses - Each boss made his/her presents known right from the start of the level and basically you chase them until the final confrontation. There is also some unique game play for each boss (Kraven hunts you and the camera angle is from the sniper's scope). After seeing the list of bosses, I thought Ultimate Carnage would be my favorite to fight; I was wrong. The coolest thing about Carnage was the animation. Finally, a video game got the symbiote look right! I was disappointed in the fact he really didn't seem to get any special powers (like the rest of the bosses) when he absorbed the tablet fragment. I liked the 2099 bosses the best (mainly because I know very little about that universe).

The Bad - No replay value - Playing on normal, this game took all of 10 hours to beat. There is no online play and unless you want to go back and pick up those collectibles you missed, there is no reason to play again. Noir - I liked the concept, but I kept comparing it to Batman: Arkham Asylum (which is a fantastic game). It also felt like the thugs were either completely blind or had super vision. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to play; just not up to the standard I was expecting after playing Batman.

The Overall - 4 outta 5. Go rent this game. I went in wanting only to fight Carnage, but got sucked in to the story and game play. It has a lot of humor (Deadpool's level), GREAT animation/graphics, and NPH is the voice of Amazing Spider-Man!

Post a comment if you agree. I can't wait for a sequel....