Jul 29, 2010

a new venom coming

A new host for Venom
In addition to the news that Carnage is coming back with a new host this fall, SDCC 10 also brings us news that the Venom symbiote will also get a new host.
According to comicbookresources.com, there will be a lot of upcoming changes in Spider-Man's world over the next couple months. One change is that Mac Gargan will reprise his role as The Scorpion, leaving the Venom symbiote without a host:

In announcing "Big Time," Slott and his colleagues showed off some new teaser art from the new era of "Spider-Man" books, including Spider-Man wearing a FantasticFour uniform, a never-before-seen black and neon green Spider-suit, and Spideybattling it out with a newly designed Scorpion — and yes, Mac Gargan is back as Scorpion, leaving fans to wonder what's going to happen to the Venom symbiote.

One fan asked Slott about the fate of the Venom symbiote now that Mac Gargan is back in action as Scorpion. "You will see where the symbiote goes kind of in the first issue. So much happens in issue #648, it's like an idea bomb goes off," he teased. "You're going to see some symbiotey stuff pretty soon."

It looks like this fall is shaping up to be an exciting time for fans of the symbiotes (Amazing Spider-Man 648 is due out in November)! I'm guessing Eddie Brock will stick with Anti-Venom, Carnage is getting a female host, and we will see the third version of Venom (I am not going to count Angelo Fortunato's version because it was lame). Personally, I hope they take the same route as Carnage and introduce a totally new character to take over Venom. I also hope they do not team him up with anyone.

What do you guys think about the Venom torch being passed down to another candidate? Who would you like to see the symbiote bond with?