Jul 28, 2010

carnage is back

Carnage is back!
Wow! I take one little vacation and look what happens...the second most famous symbiote comes back from the grave! Thanks to a couple anonymous tipsters (please attach your name to information you submit so I can give you credit), who made me aware of this event.

It looks like in October Carnage (at least the symbiote) will return to the Marvel Universe. You might remember the last time we saw Cletus Kasady, he was being torn apart from the symbiote by Sentry in space. Well apparently the symbiote survived and will return with a new female host.

You can read the entire article at IGN.com

I for one LOVE this news! I think Kasady was the only thing holding Carnage back. He was a one dimensional character. If they can create a unique back story for the new host it will definitely help the character. However, I don't need to see the struggle between the host and the symbiote, we already have that in Toxin. So are you ready for another battle between Carnage and Venom?!?! Or better yet, a Battle Royal - Carnage vs Venom vs Anti-Venom!