Feb 10, 2010

siege tie-in

Venom in Siege Tie-In
It looks like we might get our first 2010 Venom vs Spidey comic in April. Marvel.com has a 'sneak peak' poster of comics that will tie-in to the Siege event currently going on in the Marvel universe. One of the titles is Siege: Spider-Man. I can only assume that it will feature our favorite symbiote. Marvel has not yet release the cover art for this book.

I haven't been following the Siege event, so I'm not even sure if Venom is a major player. However, I do know that with the Dark Avengers title ending in April and Venom has a chance to become a 'free man' once again. Hopefully, we see the old style Venom reemerge after Siege is over.

What do you think? Should Venom find another team after the Dark Avengers or should he fight solo.