Jan 6, 2010

venom concept art from siege embedded 1

Venom Concept Art
Well it looks like our favorite symbiote is still part of The Dark Avengers to ring in the new year. However, in Marvel's latest series, SIEGE, he seems to be looking more like his old self. The artist of SIEGE: EMBEDDED, Chris Samnee gives us a sneak peak into his sketchbook and has this to say about drawing Venom in a article at Marvel.com:

Samnee: Both of these Venom sketches were an attempt to figure out my take on Venom's size and texture. His overall design has pretty much stood the test of time but, since my last doodles of Venom were stored in a Trapper Keeper back in high school, I figured it'd be best to come at him from a couple different directions before tackling him on the page.

I have not purchased any SIEGE comics yet, but based on the 'new' look of Dark Spider-Man, I'm excited to see where this leads. Below are the two sketches Samnee is referring to: