Dec 13, 2009

CLASSIC REVIEW: venom lethal protector

The Story: Shortly after the event of ASM 375, Venom moves to San Fransisco to start a new life. He tries to prevent a 'lost city' from being discover and is pursued by the father of his first kill. Spider-Man joins in the fun throughout the series.

The Good: Eddie Brock - Eddie's character really starts to develop in this series. He finally stops being just a body builder with an alien costume fighting Spider-Man and starts to establish a personality that will continue to grow through the years. We also get to see how Eddie becomes the man he is through a flashback (we later get the Dark Origin limited series dedicated to this brief flashback). Artwork - I love the covers to each of the six books (especially the first one - CLASSIC!). There are also great full pages of Venom. Can anyone really get tired of the full 'We Are Venom!' pages?

The Bad: 5 symbiotes - This was the start of flooding the Marvel Universe with symbiotes in the 90s. We already had Venom and Carnage, now 5 no-name symbiotes are created. If the writers really felt a need to create another one, I think Scream would of been enough. She is the only one with a little bit of personality, and the only one that is still in existence of the five. Writing - Maybe its because I'm 17 years older, but I do not recall so much cheesy dialog when I first bought/read this series. There were multiple times where the 'bad guy' stops Venom and gives a long winded explanation of what just happen and Venom is able to recover...he also lets the baddie know that he is now healed.

The Overall: 4.5 outta 5. This series is what made a lot of readers into Venom fans. Marvel needs to bring back series like this!