May 29, 2009

venom in new mua2 trailer

Venom is featured in the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 trailer
Venom is in the new 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2' video game trailer. The trailer features a lot of villains. It looks like the old Thunderbolt team (Goblin, Songbird, Venom) gets reunited. It also shows that it will be the Mac Gargan Venom. Check it out at
I never got to play as Venom in the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, as he came out as DLC months after the game was released (and I had already beat it). It was a great 4-player game and I cannot wait for the sequel. Its due out Sept. 1st for all consoles.
Hopefully, they will release an 'All Venom' trailer in the next couple months.