May 20, 2009

sinister spider-man podcast

Marvel Podcast dedicated to Venom

The writer of the upcoming Sinister Spider-Man series recently posted a podcast interview that describes the newest Venom tale. If you have 23 minutes to spare, download and listen to the newest episode of Mighty Marvel Podcast.

If you don't like spoilers, you might want to stop reading now...

The series is set in the middle of Norman Osborn's Dark Reign. Venom is posing as Spider-Man. Below are the highlights from Brian Reed's phone interview on what to expect from The Sinister Spider-Man:

  • The series answers the question "what does a crazy person with respect do?"
  • Mac gets his revenge on J.J.J.
  • There is "absolutely nothing redeeming about this character." He beats up a bank robber, takes his money, then bites off his arm...
  • What does Norman do with a "completely rouge Spider-Man on his hands?"
  • No Spider-Man!
  • "Lets go nuts"

I gotta say, after listening to this I am totally hyped for this series! I was excited by the covers, but now I just can't wait. This may be the best Mac Venom story to date. I've always thought Venom should be flying solo, not be apart of a team, and this series will let him get back to his bad ass roots!