Jan 21, 2009

dark avengers 1 - 6

Venom AKA Dark Avenger Spider-Man

  1. Dark Avengers 1: Norman Osborn creates the Dark Avengers and makes Venom the Dark Avengers equivalent of Spider-Man
  2. Dark Avengers 2: Venom and the Dark Avengers help Dr. Doom
  3. Dark Avengers 3: Mac is losing control of the symbiote while Norman is able to save Dr. Doom
  4. Dark Avengers 4: Venom attacks Hawkeye during the battle to save Dr. Doom
  5. Dark Avengers 5: Venom and Hawkeye bicker, while Norman goes on TV
  6. Dark Avengers 6: A prisoner is fed to Venom


Issue 2 Variant Cover:

Issue 3 Variant Cover:

Issue 4 Variant Cover:

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