Jan 1, 1995

planet of the symbiotes

Venom in Monsterworld
  1. The Far Cry: Symbiotes land on Earth
  2. Lurkers: Venom vs Spider-Man and The Scarlet Spider
  3. Monsterworld: Venom, Spider-Man, and The Scarlet Spider vs Symbiotes
  4. Invasion: Symbiotes take over Earth
  5. Mortal Victory: Venom destorys The Symbiotes

Facts -

  • Part 1 is in The Amazing Spider-Man Super Special
  • Part 2 is in Spider-Man Super Special
  • Part 3 is in Venom Super Special
  • Part 4 is in The Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special
  • Part 5 is in Web of Spider-Man Super Special
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