Jun 1, 2003


Venom in the Arctic

  1. Shiver Part 1: People are dying in the Arctic
  2. Shiver Part 2: A symbiote finds the only survivor in the Arctic
  3. Shiver Part 3: A man in a suit tries to kill the symbiote
  4. Shiver Part 4: The symbiote is killing everyone
  5. Shiver Part 5: The symbiote escapes
Venom and Wolverine

  1. Run Part 1: Everyone is chasing the symbiote
  2. Run Part 2: The symbiote tries to bond with Wolverine
  3. Run Part 3: Wolverine gets hit by a bomb
  4. Run Part 4: The symbiote successfully bonds with Wolverine
  5. Run Part 5: The symbiote bonds with someone hunting him

A Venom flashback
  1. Patterns Part 1: A flashback of Mr. Fantastic experimenting with the symbiote
  2. Patterns Part 2: A flashback of exeriments being preformed on the symbiote
  3. Patterns Part 3: A flashback of the symbiote escaping from the lab

Venom vs Spider-Man
  1. Twist Part 1: Venom and the symbiote go after Spider-Man
  2. Twist Part 2: Venom vs the symbiote
  3. Twist Part 3: Venom vs Spider-Man
  4. Twist Part 4: Mr. Fantastic experiments with the symbiote
  5. Twist Part 5: Venom bonds with the symbiote and escapes