Feb 1, 1993

venom: lethal protector

Venom becomes a Lethal Protector


  1. Dark Soul Drifting: Eddie moves from NYC to San Francisco
  2. War and Pieces: Venom vs The Jury
  3. A verdict of Violence: Venom vs Spider-Man
  4. Deadly Birth: Venom is captured and 5 new symbiotes are created
  5. Symbiocide: Venom and Spider-Man vs The Guardian Symbiotes
  6. 'Frisco Kill: Venom vs Spider-Man
  • The names of Venom's offspring was never stated in the comics. Names were created for their action figures
  • The Guardian Symbiotes are Scream, Lasher, Riot, Agony, and Phage
  • The first issue red hologram cover, was printed in a limited edition Gold and a misprinted Black cover as well:

    TPB Issues 1-6