May 3, 2021

Venom Community Thank You Letter!

Afternoon, Venom fans! We are exactly one month away from the finale of the current Venom series with issue 200. We wanted to try something new and work together with the Venom community to create a thank you letter to this creative Venom team.

We want to stress that this is going to come from the Venom community at large, we aren’t throwing our site logo on here, we want anyone and everyone to participate. We have a large card below that we will be posting messages and fan art that we’ll be gathering and sharing with the Venom creative team! 

We’ll be gathering messages and art through our Twitter, Discord in our Thank You Letter channel, our Subreddit, and the comments down below! You have a whole month so no need to rush! We just ask that you keep the messages relatively short, tweet length. Lets send our Venom team these last three years out with a bang!