Jun 25, 2020

Venom #26 Variants (So Far)

This arc features the menace of Virus, so of course we're getting variants that place the focus on Venom's new foe

A Mark Bagley variant once planned for Venom #25 (Venom Island) has become an issue 26 variant

Spider-Man vs. Venom...a classic theme presented by Clayton Crain

Donny Cates has teased another new character recently...

...and he has a few variant choices

Cover art by Peach Momoko which features a manga touch to Knull and Venom

Virus variant that is a dedicated reference to Iron Man's 1st appearance (Tales of Suspense #39)

Scream Unmasked...! The Daughter of Venom brought to us by Shannon Maer

Which variant stands out to you? Which ones will you be hunting down?