Aug 13, 2019

Scream: Curse of Carnage, a new ongoing series spinning out from Absolute Carnage

Absolute Carnage: Scream #1 drops tomorrow, but Marvel is already revealing their plans for the first female symbiote after Absolute Carnage in a surprise reveal of Scream: Curse of Carnage, a new ongoing series! Coming this November from writer Clay McCleod and artist Chris Mooneyham, Tucker Markus from Marvel's Pull List states,
The aftemath of Absolute Carnage starts here in November. The original and possibly strongest offspring of the Venom symbiote at last stars in her own self-titled ongoing series set in the Marvel Universe. But after the events of Absolute Carnage, who is the Scream symbiote bonded to? What are their intentions? And what will a pair of web-slinging wall-crawlers, Venom and Spider-Man... what will they have to say about their presence in New York?
Check out the cover reveal below and let us know who you think will be Scream's host...