Mar 24, 2019

more absolute carnage info


The folks over at Bleeding Cool gave us a better look into what to expect from August's ABSOLUTE CARNAGE event:

From the Cates and Stegman interview:
"Will we see Rex Strickland from the beginning of your VENOM run again?"
"Since all symbiotes are descended from a god, does that make Venom a demi-god?"
"It does now." 
"Will Norman Osborn ever make an appearance?"
"How many former hosts will show up in this event?"
"All of them." 
"Will any symbiotes gain new hosts?"
"Yes. There is one character we are excited to unleash."

Bleeding Cool is also reporting that there will be 25 Carnage-ized Variants coming in July:

Finally, it looks like to keep up with this event we are going to have to purchase some non-symbiote issues:

And Marvel are going to be putting Carnage pages in the backs of ten different books similar to the Where’s Wolverine back ups from last year.

Will you be purchasing all of the main story, tie-ins, and variant covers?  Start saving now, this summer is going to be expensive, Venomaniacs!!