Jan 5, 2019

upper deck marvel legendary: venom expansion pack


Venom will soon be playable in Upper Deck's Marvel Legendary deck building game.

From Board Game Geek:
Expand your Legendary experience with all-new poisoned and venomized versions of your favorite heroes and villains! Help Venom and Carnage devour their way through the Marvel Universe, on a collision course with new epic masterminds like Poison Thanos! 
The Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – Venom expansion features five new heroes, two new villain groups, two new masterminds, and four new schemes. The return of fan-favorite keywords like Excessive Violence, as well as some all new game mechanisms and new twists on some old ones! Watch out when a Symbiote villain ambushes the city as they might bond with another villain to create a powerful adversary! —description from the publisher

[Thanks to @xxRedgoufxx for the tip]