Jan 18, 2019

symbiote spider-man 1 solicitation

From Newsarama:
Writer Peter David and artist Greg Land will return to an iconic period from the Marvel Universe's past in April's Symbiote Spider-Man #1, the first in a five-issue limited series. The story pits Spider-Man against Mysterio in the time period before he discovered his black suit was an alien entity - the symbiote that later bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom.

“Venom may be my day job and favorite Spider-Villain, but my favorite fictional character of all time is the one and only Spider-Man – and far and away, this is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever had the privilege of working on in my five and a half years here at Marvel,” said editor Devin Lewis in an announcement. 
“This is an in-continuity story of Peter Parker A.K.A. The Amazing Spider-Man set in the weeks he was wearing the alien symbiote costume that would later become one of his greatest foes! And all your favorites are there – Black Cat, Aunt May, The Bugle. This is classic Spider-Action in the Mighty Marvel Manner!”
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