Mar 25, 2018

cates reddit ama venom questions


The author of the upcoming Vol. 4 of VENOM, Donny Cates, did an AMA on Reddit yesterday. TVSer, @glasshalf_full_ made a transcript of the Venom questions! Take a look:

Who's your favorite Spidey villain that isn't Venom? - My favorite Spidey villain besides Venom is Mysterio.

Hey Donny, super excited for the new Venom book. One thing I've felt that has been lacking from Venom is a proper supporting cast. Any chance we'll be getting some reoccurring side characters in Eddie and the symbiote's life? Also, I'm a huge Agent Venom fan, and I'm so glad Flash still gets to be a symbiotic hero as Agent Anti-Venom. Last we saw Eddie and Flash, they parted on good terms in Venom Inc, but Flash didn't really get to say goodbye to the symbiote in that. I know you're not allowed to say anything, but do you have anything in mind for the new Anti-Venom in your books? - Yeah, absolutely. We'll be bringing in a pretty killer supporting cast I think. -I do, yes. But I can't say much. -Thanks!

What kind of influences have gone into shaping how you're looking at Venom? - Lots! Gieger, and Lovecraft and Stephen King and stuff like that. Also all of the old classic Venom stories too.

I don't think I've ever read a Venom comic in my life, but I've been reading your Doctor Strange and recently started reading God Country and I'm excited to see what you can do with the character. What Venom stories would you recommend I read before jumping into your new series? - You can jump into my venom run cold if you want to. I'm creating a whole new thing for older and newer readers alike.

Favorite past Venom stories? - The hunger from Paul Jenkins. Rick's Agent Venom stuff. Maximum carnage. Lethal Protector (duh), separation anxiety, Along Came a Spider. I'm a sucker for that 90's stuff.

Who is your favorite venom?. - Eddie.

Hey Donny, absolutely love your work! What's your favorite thing about writing Venom? What makes writing him unique? :) - I don't know that I'v ever felt as comfortable writing a character as I do Eddie Brock. I don't know why. I've just known him my entire life and he's such a put upon guy. he's my favorite sad sack.

Loved everything about Thanos. Are you planning on big events in venom? Will you be introducing new characters in the venom series? Who is your favorite character to sketch! - Yes to all questions. And to be super honest, I don't sketch that much anymore, but I do a pretty mean Venom!! 

1.) Symbiotes have a long, sometimes confusing history. Do you plan on getting involved with the symbiote antics (using character like Carnage, Anti-Agent Venom, Shriek, Toxin, ect.) or sticking to more street level characters? 2.) Also talking about complex symbiote history, Eddie Brock is a character passed between many writers with a somewhat fluctuating personality and changing motives. What do you think makes Eddie Brock a unique character? Which writers’ version(s) of Eddie most influences yours? - 1: yes. hell yes. - 2: Paul Jenkins take on him in The Hunger is a stand out take on him. It added a ton of pathos and vulnerability to him. I think Eddie is a very tortured person. Someone who saw a path for himself that isn't how his life turned out. He's an incredibly lonely person, and someone I think has a lot of abandonment issues. I'll be diving into Eddie quite a lot as my series goes along, so stay tuned.

What's the biggest change you want to bring to Venom? - stay tuned. it's coming soon.

I heard you're introducing a new villain in the new Venom series that doesn't just tie into the Symbiote's origins, but into the Marvel Universe itself. How does Venom's new villain connect to the rest of the Marvel Universe, or is that considered too much of a spoiler? - yeah, too much of a spoiler! But stay tuned! I think you'll all dig it!

My main exposure to Venom when I was young was the 90s Spider-man cartoon series. I liked the conflicted anti-hero trying to do good despite himself and despite his urges. To someone who enjoyed a character struggling against their own dark impulses to try to do good, how would you say your new Venom series compares? When it comes to the direction you have planned? Also, got any plans for Anti-Venom Flash Thompson considering his relation to the Venom symbiote ? You know, considering that, once again, the symbiote kind of loves a previous host a lot more than it loves Eddie. - That, to me, is the core of who Eddie is. A good man with darkness inside of him and a somewhat questionable will to control it. So yes, that's all there in my run. and more.

Haven't been keeping up with Venom much recently, do you have any plans for Flash in your series? - Yes, there are indeed Flash plans.

I was personally a big fan of the Flash Thompson Venom stuff, and was ready to never see Eddie in the suit again. But then they announce a movie, and immediately the character has to return to the status quo. I think they've done some ok stuff with him since he's been back, but overall, what are your thoughts on characters being essentially reset in order to attract new fans/line up with the movies? Do you think it's creatively restrictive, or a good opportunity for new writers to explore familiar characters? - Well, Eddie has been back in the suit since before the movie was announced, so that movie has zero bearing on this series. Speaking on behalf of my Venom relaunch, they could have announced a full universe of movies about Flash Thompson as Venom, and I still would have pitched an Eddie Brock. He's my Venom. Always has been. and as far as a movie having effects on a title....let me be really clear and tell you that is not a real thing when it comes to stories. I have never one time been told to change something because of a movie, man. Never once. They chase US, we don't chase them.

I don't know if your still reading these or if this has been asked already but as your a long time Venom fan and current writer for him, what are your thoughts on the Venom Movie? Also would you change anything about the movie like the story, actor etc. - I think there's not enough out yet to properly form an opinion on the Venom of it all. Also, my opinion doesn't matter much since I'm going to go see it opening day no matter what! haha.

How does it feel being a writer for Venom? Will you be revealing any details about your first story anytime soon? - It's bananas. A dream come true, honestly. I've been such a fan for so long, it's unreal to me. As for story details, my first arc is called "VENOM:REX" and...that's about all I can say! ;)

What are the kind of main themes and ideas you wanna explore in Venom? - I want Venom to seem scary. So I've been calling my Venom run a kind of "Lovecraftian action film." So, that kind of stuff! 

Dude, what the fuck is going on with the Venom movie? It looks like the most generic shit show around. - Couldn't tell you. I'm stoked about it. Just wish it had any kind of Venom stuff in the trailer. But I'm FOR SURE going to see it opening day. Eddie is my boy.