Feb 24, 2018

Ask questions for Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman, have them answered in an upcoming podcast!

An upcoming episode of The Venom Site's We Are Venomaniacs! Podcast will feature guest hosts Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, the creators helming the upcoming Venom comic book relaunch. As with previous guests Cullen Bunn and Declan Shalvey, we're opening up to questions and comments from the Venomaniac community!

Have a Venom or symbiote-specific question or comment for Cates or Stegman? Reply below with the question or comment and tune in when the podcast airs to hear if yours was picked and answered! There are just a few rules for what we're looking for:

  • No questions or comments that are unrelated to the topic of the Venom comic.
  • No personal questions or comments, including attacks against the creators' work, integrity, or personal lives.
  • No "breaking in" questions or comments (such as creator advice or solicitations).
  • No questions that can be easily answered with a "yes" or "no." Make them talk!
  • No questions asking if X or Y character will be showing up in the book. This is also a "yes" or "no" question!
With those rules in mind, write in your questions and comments below!