Jan 4, 2018

web of venom poster by clayton crain


Via Newsarama:

Marvel is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Venom in 2018 - beginning with an 20" x 13" Web of Venom poster by Clayton Crain. Coming hot on the heels of Eddie Brock's reunion with the symbiote in Venom #150, this map will point out the various landmarks on this road to Venom's birthday and tease what's to come - including the "Poison X" crossover and a "new secret Venom project" coming in May. 
If you think their math for Venom's 30th anniversary being 2018 is a bit off, keep in mind they're not using the symbiote's debut in 1984 but rather later in 1988 when the symbiote turned on Peter Parker, officially becoming Venom.  
The Web of Venom map is scheduled to be on-sale at comic stores beginning January 31.

[Thanks to @OrionSTARB0Y for the tip]