Dec 15, 2017

venom 30th anniversary: web of venom backing boards

BleedingCool is reporting:

Marvel Comics is making Venom 30th Anniversary: Web of Venom backing boards, chronicling the symbiote suit’s return to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. 
Thirty years after the character was created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane for Amazing Spider-Man #300, and boy, do I feel older than ever right now, these boards will feature key moments from Eddie Brock’s return and the character’s appearances in other current Marvel comics leading up to the plans for the character’s 30th anniversary. Whatever they may be. 
The board features an exclusive piece by Clayton Crain and Marvel Comics teases to retailers that and “it just might contain a surprise or two!” Retailers will receive from between 25 and 125 free boards, depending on their ordering numbers, for the 24th January. 
In additional promotion for Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Omega #1, Marvel will give added discounts for those who match orders for Amazing Spider-Man Venom Inc Alpha #1.

Are you getting one?!?!