Sep 9, 2017

venom marvel legacy news and variants


First up, us old time Venom fans will remember the old letter's column - Eddie's Clubhouse:

Well,, it looks like it is returning in VENOM 156:

TVSers, lets flood this column with letters!  Let Marvel know our community appreciates all of the attention Venom has been getting this year!  Send your thoughts to:

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It will be fun to see how many of you get published when we have the VENOM 156 TALK ABOUT!

The 'How To Draw' VENOM 155 Variant was also tweeted out by VENOM editor Devin Lewis:

Next up, it looks like Eddie Brock will become a reporter once more. According to Bleeding Cool:
Marvel Legacy is upon us. And a few changes are afoot. Venom got an issue renumbering ahead of the other Marvel Legacy titles but that still doesn’t mean he can’t get a status change like the other titles. And it goes right back to the beginning of Eddie Brock’s story. 
Eddie Brock was originally a journalist who write a story exposing the identity of a serial killer only for the real killer to be caught by Spider-Man, revealing that his story accused the wrong man. He was fired and disgraced from his job and, coming unto contact with the symbiote Venom, sought revenge against their mutual enemy. Well, in Venom #155 he finds his natural calling again. As a journalist for the Fact News Channel, which has recently seen J Jonah Jameson play the Bill O’Reilly figure. But rather than taking his exposure of corruption in the system, they prefer ridiculous insane Weekly World News-style tabloid stories – that thankfully the Marvel universe is able to provide…

And lastly, @Bizarnage has uncovered another Legacy Variant Cover - VENOM 155  by John Tyler Christopher:

Are you ready for VENOM to get back to its 90's roots?