Jun 25, 2016

carnage joining spider-man homecoming rumor


For awhile now I've been avoiding rumors about Venom's inevitable reappearance on the big screen because I've been let down too many times before.  However, this latest rumor has gotten me really excited - Carnage may be introduced in next year's SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING movie!

Better Call Saul's twitter posted an image of Michael Mando, who just recently was announced as joining the cast of HOMECOMING, with the line 'is spectacular at bring in carnage to life.'

Could this be Better Call Saul trolling fans or is Mando going to be the movie version of Cletus Kasady?  I guess only time will tell; however, if this turns out to be true I couldn't be more excited!  If you've ever watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, you know how crazy Mando's character can be.

Image from ComicBook.com
What are your thoughts on the speculation that in a little over a year Tuco Salamanca could in fact bring Carnage to life?

[Thanks to everyone who brought this news to my attention!  You guys are awesome!]