Mar 5, 2016

venom movie back on at sony

Venom Movie

If you haven't heard yet, yesterday Sony announced that they hired a writer for a Venom movie!  Not only that, it is intended to be a franchise independent of the Spider-Man movie.  From CBR:

"Venom" is swinging back to Sony. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has hired Dante Harper to write the script for the "Spider-Man" spin-off, which is intended to develop into its own franchise. 
Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, who brought Sony's "Spider-Man" properties to life at the turn of the century, will produce and oversee the project. 
The film and ensuing franchise are expected to be separate from the upcoming "Spider-Man" film starring Tom Holland, who will debut as the character in Marvel Studio's "Captain America: Civil War" thanks to an inter-studio deal. 
Venom was originally a Spider-Man villain, an alien symbiote which brought out the worst in our friendly neighborhood Peter Parker. He has become more than that in recent years, after the creature was bonded to Flash Thompson, a bully-turned-government-agent. It is unknown at this time which version of the character will appear in the film, though it seems more likely it will be the Flash incarnation. 
This won't be Venom's first live-action appearance. In 2007's "Spider-Man 3," the character was played by Topher Grace and went head-to-head with Spidey in the final act. The spin-off has been in development at the studio for years, with creative talent like Gary Ross, Josh Trank, Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci rumored to be attached.

My first thought after hearing this was "I want to believe it this time."  A Venom movie has been tossed around for a while now, but has never really got off the ground.  I guess the only question now is what type of Venom movie would you like to see?  An Eddie Brock Lethal Protector? An R-Rated Venom vs Carnage (Thank you Deadpool for making that an option!)? A Flash Thompson Agent Venom patrolling the streets of Philly?  I guess if this project is going to be independent of the Spider-Man movie, it could start off anywhere as they will probably have to make some changes to Venom's origin.  I'm just excited at the possibility that this movie could erase 2007's film version of Venom from everyone's mind!

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