Jan 22, 2016

marvel select venom (eddie brock) action figure returning in august 2016

For those of us that may have missed out on nabbing one of the best Venom action figures ever made when it was first released in 2013 or reissued in 2014, you're in luck! Forget about paying through the nose through aftermarket resellers, because Entertainment Earth has opened up for preorders for the Marvel Select Venom figure at MSRP $21.99 USD with an expected shipping date of August 2016.

The Marvel Select Venom figure comes with all of the
accessories seen above, including three alternate heads,
three pairs of hands, and attachments to recreate his
Madness appearance from the '90s.
Head over to Entertainment Earth's product page and don't miss out on getting your hands on perhaps the definitive Venom action figure! Already have one? Give us your review in the comments section below!

(Thanks to Twitter user @nomadixxx (Paul Nicholasi) for the alert.)