Aug 31, 2015

venom: space knight interview 2

Venom: Space Knight Interview 2 has another interview with Venom writer Robbie Thompson and talks about the upcoming series:

Robbie Thompson clearly cannot wait to take Flash Thompson to space. The writer’s got tremendous passion for VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT and his artistic collaborator as they embark on a journey to the stars beginning this November. He told us all about what to expect for Flash and his Klyntar alien symbiote suit… and reveal how great artist Ariel Olivetti’s world building in each page of VENOM: SPACE KNIGHT #1. He details his passion for the new series to Flash Thompson is many things: Soldier. Host to a powerful alien symbiote. Guardian of the Galaxy. Now he is adding intergalactic ambassador of Earth. What kind of possibilities does that afford you for the narrative you hope to achieve? Robbie Thompson: It affords us the opportunity to tell a great big space opera with Venom! ‘Nuff said! When I spoke with [editor] Jake Thomas about the book, he and the folks at Marvel had such a clean, smart take on where to take Flash and Venom and I was desperate to be a part of the team. It’s a fresh new start for both Flash and Venom and they have an incredible opportunity to be what they both always wanted to be: heroes. In space, no less! Were there certain elements that attracted you to this new series? Robbie Thompson: Three elements… First: Flash Thompson. I love that Flash has been such a staple of the Marvel Universe for so long—and that he has grown as a character over that time. His character has been given such depth and pathos over the years. When you see Flash way back in the [Stan] Lee/[Steve] Ditko Spider-Man stories, he’s seemingly just a bully, someone picking on Peter Parker. But over the years, he’s grown out of that archetype into someone with a rich history. And I’m really excited to be a part of the team telling the next chapter of his life. Especially because it’s in space! Have I mentioned space? Second: Venom. I love Venom. The suit, the character and what it does to the people that it has bonded with is such an interesting dynamic to explore. And this is a new chapter for the Klyntar as well. It’s been cleansed and has a chance to be a hero—can it stay that way forever? We’ll see! Third: Ariel Olivetti. I’m a huge fan and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with him on this book. He’s the best! A physical condition does not define a person but I'm wondering when your lead character is a double amputee do you feel a certain responsibility to not ignore that detail in your stories? Robbie Thompson: Absolutely. My mom is a nurse and I grew up in and around Rehabilitation Hospitals. So representation is important to me. Being a double amputee does not define who Flash is, but it is a part of who he is and it always will be. What is the key to writing a character like Flash? Robbie Thompson: Honoring his history while also using the hook of this book to allow him to move into new territory. Flash has had such a tough life. It bent him and it broke him. He’s bottomed out; a couple times. But now he has a chance to move forward. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to have to be one day at a time. For the first time in a while, Flash has got some hope and his new “job” allows him to stay focused on something positive as he discovers what his new role in the universe is all about. With his new responsibilities as an agent of the cosmos does he have also have new powers? Robbie Thompson: Not any new powers, per se, but since we are in outer space and on different planets, we are exploring how he can use the powers he has in fun and new ways. That said, with the Klyntar having been cleansed, it has been purged of its anger and darkness, which allows us to explore its relationship with Flash as the series moves along. Can you tease folks with what kind of action you have scripted for Ariel Olivetti to sink his art skills into? Robbie Thompson: You can expect big, dynamic action scenes, filled with bizarre creatures all taking place on fantastic worlds! Ariel is so brilliant and it’s clear he is having so much fun taking Venom on these adventures. He’s building worlds, space ships, alien species—and all in his signature style. His sketches and pages really push me with each new issue to find bigger and bolder things for him to create. Ariel is a terrific storyteller and he brings so much to the character of Flash and Venom; I cannot wait for people to see his incredible work.

Are you ready for November?!?!