Aug 6, 2014

venom spinoff standalone film is tentatively titled venom carnage

Venom: The Movie

Announced before the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Venom spinoff film has been moving very slowly.  However, earlier this week we get a working title via Deadline: Venom Carnage
Lynton talked about an expansion of the Spider-Man universe in 2013, saying that they were going to create a number of spinoffs including Sinister Six and one revolving around the Venom character which first appeared in Spider-Man 3 and was portrayed by Topher Grace. The Venom movie — which we hear is entitled Venom Carnage — is still said to be in development with old pros Alex Kurtzman and Ed Solomon scripting. The Venom pic, which Kurtzman will direct, may also now come out in 2017.
 So I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that Carnage will be the main villain in the film.  How do you feel about the title and a Venom/Carnage clash on the big screen, three years from now?