Aug 19, 2014

november 2014 previews

November 2014
BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (W) • VALERIO SCHITI (A) Cover by NICK BRADSHAW ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT VARIANT BY TBA PLANET VENOM! • As the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter an entire world full of alien symbiotes, they ask themselves…was allowing Flash Thompson to join their ranks a wise decision?

AXIS: CARNAGE #2 (of 3)
RICK SPEARS (W) GERMAN PERALTA (a) Cover by ALEXANDER LOZANO • Carnage has kidnapped one of New York City’s most beloved news anchors-- BUT WHY? • What is the Sin Eater after? And what does it have to do with Carnage? • AND THERE’S STUFF THAT HAPPENS IN AXIS THAT IS HUGE TO THIS STORY THAT WE CAN’T SPOIL!

FRANK TIERI and KEVIN MAURER (W) PAUL DAVIDSON and TBA (A) Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky Companion Series to Marvel’s newest blockbuster event AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS! • New world DISORDER is the name of the game! • Nightcrawler decides to avenge the death of Wolverine…by hunting down Sabretooth! • And Thor goes on a bender?
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #4 (OF 9) RICK REMENDER (W) • LEINIL FRANCIS YU (A) Cover by JIM CHEUNG INVERSION VARIANT BY CLAY MANN YOUNG GUNS VARIANT BY DAVID MARQUEZ ACT II: INVERSION • The fate of the Red Skull decided. • A founding Avenger quits. • The birth of KLUH, the strongest one there is. • Doom tears down Latveria. • The X-Men join their greatest foe.
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #5 (OF 9) RICK REMENDER (W) • TERRY DODSON (A) Cover by JIM CHEUNG INVERSION VARIANT BY TBA YOUNG GUNS VARIANT BY SARA PICHELLI ACT II: INVERSION • Steve Rogers enlists Spider-Man and Nova for an impossible fight. • The new Sorceress Supreme comes for revenge on Doom. • Iron Man vs Daredevil for the fate of an infected San Francisco. • The X-Men claim a new home. • The Axis of Evil strikes down the heroes of the Marvel Universe!
AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6 (OF 9) RICK REMENDER (W) • TERRY DODSON (A) Cover by JIM CHEUNG INVERSION VARIANT BY TBA YOUNG GUNS VARIANT BY VALERIO SCHITI ACT II: INVERSION • The Axis of Evil have won, who is left to stop them? • Rogue and Nightcrawler vs Mystique! • Thor vs Loki! • Magneto and Quicksilver vs The Scarlet Witch! • This is it, the face of the new world disorder--The Astonishing Avengers are formed!
CULLEN BUNN (w) • GABRIEL HERNANDEZ WALTA (a) Cover by DAVID YARDIN AXIS TIE-IN! • As the Red Skull’s influence permeates the world, Magneto is confronted by the best friend he thought buried… • Could it be that Magneto has more in common with Charles Xavier than he once thought?
Adapted by Joe Caramagna • The start of an all-new era of adventure, as SPIDER-MAN teams up with the Marvel Universes’ greatest heroes! • Spidey joins CAPTAIN AMERICA in a raid on the fortress of DR. DOOM to retrieve Cap’s lost shield! • Based on the smash hit DISNEY XD animated series.