Aug 12, 2014

axis will feature an inverted version of carnage

Inversion of Carnage
Rick Remender talked to CBR about the second act of his AXIS event, "Inversion," and what to expect from the most heartless symbiote in the Marvel U:

In terms of how the tie-ins will play into the "Inversion" effect, Brevoort said editor Nick Lowe had been driving himself "batty" talking about the "Carnage" and "Hobgoblin" miniseries because it features the Inverted versions of the characters. "This will be a morally upstanding Carnage and a Hobgoblin who is perhaps a good businessman rather than a bad businessman," said Brevoort. "It gives you a totally different Hobgoblin and a totally different Carnage to do a story about as part of this. This will be different than any Hobgoblin or Carnage project you've seen up until now -- for good or for ill."
"I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying that Carnage on a redemption arc still ends up with a lot of bloodshed," said Remender, laughing. "I think what Rick Spears has cooked up with that Carnage mini is something really special."

 Are you excited to see a 'good' Carnage?  The nine issue AXIS event starts in October, the same month the mini AXIS: CARNAGE begins.