Nov 27, 2013

dan slott interview with newsarama

Slott on Agent Venom's future

Newsarama interviewed SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN author, Dan Slott, about Venom's appearance in SSM #22.  Below are two very interesting answers from the interview:
***This article contains significant spoilers for Superior Spider-Man #22, on sale now.*** 
Nrama: People may not realize this, but you created the concept of Flash Thompson as Agent Venom before you handed it off to be turned into an ongoing series. What’s it like to have the character back and using him like you are here? 
Slott: It was fun to help with editor Steve Wacker and artist Humberto Ramos on the new set-up and then pass it off to Rick and then Cullen Bunn in the Venom series where they both did amazing stories. There is fun in seeing a new host. How will Venom react to the mob boss’ son? How will Venom react to Mac Gargan? How will it react to Flash Thompson? Part of the fun of Venom is to see it changing up hosts. Maybe it’s time for Flash’s era as Venom to be over. Maybe it’s time for something new.

Nrama: Last question, I have to ask: Agent Venom was just revealed as joining the Guardians of the Galaxy book next summer. What are your thoughts on that? 
Slott: Well, if you look at things from the Avengers point of view you know they know Agent Venom served with them in Rick Remender’s Secret Avengers run, and Captain America knows he’s a "good" Venom. But if you have Venom and the symbiote's shape-changing abilities can make it look like anything, and you’re joining a team with Captain Marvel, that Venom probably wants her to think you’re the "good" Agent Venom version. Who’s to say that "Agent Venom" in Guardians of the Galaxy is Flash? Maybe it’s a way for Venom to take advantage of Agent Venom's status; or... a good way to honor Flash.